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Image by Andrew Neel

Do you have a story to tell, but fear the repercussions of being identified? Fear not! Share your story with us through Newswav Anonymous and we'll reward your bravery while keeping your identity safe.


We believe that every person has a unique story to share, so don't hesitate any longer - submit your story to today and get rewarded for your courage.

Newswav Anonymous

How To Participate

  • Stories submitted can either be in English, Bahasa Melayu or Mandarin.

  • Article submission must be at least 300 words in length and contain at least one (1) image.

  • Video submission must be at least 60 seconds in duration with a minimum 100-word description.

  • The story submitted must be your own and not plagiarized or copied from others. It must be exclusively submitted to Newswav and not previously shared with any other media outlets or publishers.

  • You may submit the content to us through email at Do include a remark that it is a submission for “Newswav Anonymous”.

  • Once the content is approved, provide us your bank details for payment purposes:
    i) Bank Name

    ii) Bank Account Number
    iii) Account Holder Name

Image by Andrew Neel


You will be paid RM50.00 (Fifty Ringgit Malaysia only) for each approved submission.

Base Pay

Note: If the submission is published in more than one language, it will still be considered as a single (1) submission.

Bonus Reward

You will also be rewarded based on the performance of the published content for a period of fourteen (14) days, starting from and including the date of publication: 

10,001 - 20,000 views = RM30.00

20,001 - 30,000 views = RM50.00

30,001 - 40,000 views = RM75.00

40,001 - 50,000 views = RM100.00

50,001 views or more = RM150.00

Note: If the submission is published in more than one language, the total views from all languages will be taken into account.


Newswav Anonymous
Terms & Conditions


​1.By submitting a story (the "Content") to Newswav (the "Platform") to be published under "Newswav Anonymous", you (the “User”) confirm that the story is your own and that you have not plagiarized or copied the work of others.

2. If the story is submitted on behalf of another individual, User has obtained any necessary consent or permission from any individuals mentioned in the story, has the right to submit the story, and has informed them that their story may be shared publicly.

3. The Content must not be illegal, unlawful, lewd, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, must not infringe any third party’s legal rights, and must not be capable of giving rise to legal action whether against the User or Platform or a third party (in each case under any applicable law).

4. By submitting Content to the Platform, User retains ownership of the Content but warrants that User has the right to grant the Platform, its related corporations, subsidiaries, affiliates and contractors an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, fully sublicensable, worldwide license to use, copy, publicly perform, digitally perform, publicly display, distribute such Content to adapt, edit, translate, prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works.

5. The Content may be published on the Platform in languages other than the one it is originally posted in.

6. By submitting the Content, User acknowledges that User has read, understood, and agreed to Newswav Anonymous Terms & Conditions as stated here and Newswav Terms & Conditions.


7. Incentives:

a. Base pay: User will be paid RM50.00 (Fifty Ringgit Malaysia only) for each approved Content. If the Content is published in more than one language, it will still be considered as one (1) approved Content.

b. Bonus: User will be given additional reward based on the performance of the published Content. The published Content will be monetized for a period of 14 days (the “Monetization Period”), starting from and including the date it is published:

   10,001 - 20,000 views = RM30.00

   20,001 - 30,000 views = RM50.00

   30,001 - 40,000 views = RM75.00

   40,001 - 50,000 views = RM100.00

   50,001 views or more = RM150.00

   NOTE: If the Published Content is published in more than one language, the total views from all languages will be taken into account.

8. The User shall provide the Platform with the following payment information, which will be used solely for payment purposes:

    a. Bank Name

    b. Bank Account Number

    c. Account Holder Name

9. Once the Monetization Period is over, the payment will automatically be credited to the User’s bank account within 30 days.

10. Prior to payment, User must provide a copy of their NRIC for identity verification purposes. Failure to do so may result in the compensation being revoked.

11. If in any case the Platform finds out the User is not the original owner of the published Content, all compensations will be revoked.


12. The Platform shall not be liable to the User nor shall the User have any claim against the Platform in respect of any disputes, claims, costs, losses or damages incurred by the User from submitting the Content to the Platform.

13. The User shall indemnify and keep the Platform indemnified against all claims, damages, actions and proceedings made or brought against the Platform arising from the involvement in the submission of the Content and/or any breach of terms in relation thereto by the User.

14. The Platform reserves the right to seek all remedies available legally for violations of these terms and conditions.

15. These terms & conditions may in whole or in part be amended by the Platform at any given time without prior notice.

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